*Black* reflective strips for ZEGA Pro / ZEGA Pro2 pannier edges (pack contains 2 stickers)

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A small change makes a big difference for better safety and visibility.
Unfortunately, other road users often underestimate the width of a motorcycle with panniers fitted, especially at night or when parking their vehicles. These high-quality, self-adhesive and weather-resistant reflective strips in red (050-0887) or black (050-0888) are an easy way to dramatically improve visibility. The black version fits perfectly and unobtrusively onto the edges of our ZEGA Pro / ZEGA Pro2 "And-Black" aluminium panniers, while the red reflective strips for all aluminium panniers let you add a colour accent that is also visible in daylight. At night, both types powerfully reflect back any light that shines on them thanks to their large surface area with extremely fine reflective particles.
Add our reflective strips to your aluminium panniers and you can be sure you'll be seen!

Dimensions: (L x W) approx. 230 x 55 mm
Pack contains two self-adhesive strips

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