Scottoiler vSystem chain lubrication system, for Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin/ CRF1000L Adventure Sports

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The Scottoiler vSystem is a vacuum-controlled chain lubrication system which lubricates the chain while you are riding your motorbike - completely automatically. The system only works when the engine is running. Depending on the drop rate set, it releases 1-2 drops of oil per minute. This improves the performance of the chain, keeping it clean and flexible for up to 12,500 km. Chain wear is significantly reduced. Cleaning and lubrication is no longer necessary. The Scottoiler is the end of uncared-for motorbike chains - and for hands sticky with chain spray.

The Africa Twin Edition includes special parts for installation. The colour enables the motorbike to be customised and the kit to be installed discreetly.
Special features
- Increases the life of the chain and the sprocket by up to 7 times
- Increases the efficiency of the chain and reduces consumption
- Care of the chain is completely taken care of
- Retensioning intervals are increased

How it works:
The system is connected to the engine's vacuum. It only works when the engine is running. Depending on the drop rate set, 1-2 drops of oil per minute are released from the reservoir. These flow through the hose to the injector, which drips the oil onto the chain ring. Centrifugal force drives the oil into the chain. Thanks to the capillary effect, both sides of the chain are supplied with oil. Lubrication with oil prevents particles of dirt sticking to the chain.

Installation is very easy. All the parts are included in the kit. The system can be applied to almost every motorbike - even injectors, two-stroke, ATVs and quad bikes. There are special installation instructions for nearly all models.

The kit includes a 250 ml bottle of Standard Scottoil, which is suitable for average ambient temperatures of between 0-30 °C and is sufficient for approximately 12,500 km.

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Model 1050 Adventure, 1190 Adventure, 390adventure, 690, 890adventure, 990SM-R, 990SM-T, CRF1000L Adventure Sports, CRF1000L Africa Twin, EXC, LC4, LC8 950, LC8 990, LC8 SE
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