Side stand base extension for Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin / CRF1000L Adventure Sports

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It's a familiar problem that has tested the temper of many motorcyclists. After riding your bike along rocky, bumpy off-road tracks, you just want to stop for a rest. But that's easier said than done. Parking your bike on soft ground can be a real problem! Usually you can't find a wooden board or something similar to stand the bike on when you need it.

Touratech has the solution: the side stand base extension more than doubles the area of the supporting surface, so you won't find yourself straining to lift the fully laden machine. A mix of stainless steel and black anodised aluminium components ensure the base extension looks good and provide full stability. Securely fixed to the side stand, the base extension is a useful accessory that is always there to save you a lot of hassle and frustration.

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Artikelnummer 01-402-5275-0
Motorcykeltillverkare Honda
Model CRF1000L Adventure Sports, CRF1000L Africa Twin
Funktion Skydd
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